I am Mr. Alan Rude and I have been

teaching Chemistry for 102 years.

For most of that time I have battled against Word but a few years ago I decided to master Word and force it to do my bidding. I started by using AutoCorrect to write my formulae for me, then I took to writing macros to carry out my repetitive tasks for me at the click of a button. Using my new-found powers I am able to produce impressive resources with minimal time input.

Using AutoCorrect for Chemistry is described in Word Top Tips above. Word comes with a table of incorrectly-spelled words on the left and the correct version on the right. If you add C6H12O6 to the left-hand column and C6H12O6 to the right-hand column you will never need to reach for the subscript button again. Find details of that tip and other Word short-cuts.

A macro is a routine to carry out a task such as replace any number immediately after a letter as a subscript. If you use somebody else’s resource and they have lazily written CO2 simply click once on the macro to correct it to CO2. Find that macro and lots of others in Macros above.

I am indebted to my Southampton Exam Factory colleague Mr. Alun Dare for lots of these top tips. He is Little Al, I am Big Al and we hope to make a difference with your Chemistry resources.

This is how I started improving my Word skills:

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