Word Top Tips

I wish somebody had shown me 15 years ago how to do all these Word tricks – I produce a lot of Chemistry resources and it would have saved a lot of time and improved their appearance. It’s also more fun making the resources when you feel you are in control of Word.

  1. use AutoCorrect to format chemical formulae as you write
  2. back up the normal template
  3. impressive resources using bookmarks and hyperlinks
  4. write above an arrow in a formula
  5. convert a pdf to a Word document
  6. copy text from a diagram or picture
  7. write the mass number above the atomic number
  8. set up your Quick Access Toolbar
  9. add a standard conditions sign
  10. add a science symbol
  11. add an equilibrium sign
  12. make your equilibrium sign longer
  13. add a triple bond sign
  14. add a double bond sign
  15. add a free radical dot
  16. add a commonly-used table
  17. use Building Blocks to quickly add diagrams, text or tables
  18. restore underlining and blue font in hyperlinks
  19. use a non-breaking space
  20. move lines up or down in a table
  21. list all keyboard shortcuts
  22. select a random name from a class list
  23. copy 24 items to the clipboard
  24. open and close documents in Word more efficiently
  25. copy all images to a new folder
  26. change the colour and size of the mouse cursor

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