Every time I have a repetitive task to carry out in Word I write a macro to do it for me. My most-used macros are on the Quick Access Toolbar so with only one click I can perform lots of time-saving jobs. Lesser-used macros can be called up from the macros button on the Quick Access Toolbar:

To be able to use macros you first must have Developer on the ribbon, and you have to know how to create an empty macro which you then add the code to – these are the first two items below:

  1. add Developer to the ribbon
  2. create a macro and add code to it
  3. record a macro
  4. rename a macro
  5. add a macro to the Quick Access Toolbar
  6. run a macro using a keyboard shortcut
  7. format all subscripts and superscripts with one click
  8. sort out font for Cl and Al
  9. add a formatted textbox with no border
  10. add a bevelled 3D rectangle
  11. add nice fractions
  12. replace Cambria Math (sic) font
  13. add ‘Your answer’ and the box to multiple choice questions
  14. format a document in House style with one click
  15. landscape format
  16. change text font in a text box
  17. align [marks] to the right
  18. replace the short minus sign, raise the superscripts and lower the subscripts
  19. remove automatic numbering but keep the numbers
  20. format an exam paper
  21. draw an electrode potential table
  22. insert a formatted table
  23. remove double spaces
  24. open another document from the Quick Access Toolbar
  25. display bookmarks
  26. copy selected pages to a new document
  27. write the symbol with atomic number and mass number
  28. write E cell with a standard sign
  29. write the electrode potential sign
  30. write a sulfate ion with the 2- above the 4
  31. write a standard enthalpy change sign
  32. find the Unicode value of a symbol
  33. add powers to a maths equation
  34. add powers to a maths equation (better method)
  35. add batch AutoCorrect entries
  36. remove all headers and footers
  37. the Arrhenius equation
  38. change the format of a question to AQA-style
  39. sort out your tables

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