create a macro and add code to it

If you have the code for somebody’s macro and want to add the macro to your own list of macros do this:

1.       Click on Developer

2.       Click Macros

3.       Select the Normal template

4.       In the Macro Name box call the macro BigAl or whatever you want to call it (make sure the name doesn’t have any spaces in it).

5.     Click on Create. This will give you a space between two lines that you put your code into.

6. Copy and paste the code and insert it between Sub and End Sub instead of the green ‘ signs.

At the start of the code will be Sub BigAl ()

At the end of the code will be End Sub

7. When you are through, close the macro window by selecting the Close and Return to Microsoft Word option from the File menu, or press Alt+Q.

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