change the colour and size of the mouse cursor

I like to use my laptop in the garden but used to find it difficult to see where the mouse pointer was. I changed it to a big pinky-purple one and now have no difficulty seeing it: Click Windows + I to go to the Settings page Then Devices > Mouse > Adjust Mouse andContinue reading “change the colour and size of the mouse cursor”

Duplicate a slide 20 times

For my revision documents I often create a master slide and duplicate it lots of times. The following code will duplicate Slide 1 twenty times and when I use it it’s easy to step inside and change Slide 1 to whichever slide I want to duplicate, and change the 20 to 100 if I needContinue reading “Duplicate a slide 20 times”

Change the font on all slides

I join lots of powerpoints together to make one large one and I like all the writing to be the same font, size and colour. There is a button in Home to replace all of one font with another: But this will not change the colour and size, and requires me to change each fontContinue reading “Change the font on all slides”

sort out your tables

My colleague Duane Arl was very frustrated that his tables kept appearing with the writing above the middle of the line, even though he set his table to be centre justified: ‘Why is everything floating up near the top?’ he would screech. ‘Well, Duane, it’s because in Paragraph your tables have a line spacing ofContinue reading “sort out your tables”

open and close documents in Word more efficiently

If one opens a Word document using File>Open one is taken to the Backstage which was introduced in an ‘upgrade’ in 2013. The Backstage looks like this: Most of the time one clicks on ‘This PC’. To avoid going to the Backstage ever again click File>Options>Save then check the ‘Don’t show Backstage’ box: Then putContinue reading “open and close documents in Word more efficiently”

make your equilibrium sign longer

If you type 21CC then Alt>x the Unicode changes to the equilibrium arrow. This arrow is fine in lots of situations: But sometimes you need a longer equilibrium arrow: To get the longer equilibrium arrow, select a normal one then Home>Font>Advanced>Scale and change 100% to 300%: You can make it longer than 300% but itContinue reading “make your equilibrium sign longer”