open and close documents in Word more efficiently

If one opens a Word document using File>Open one is taken to the Backstage which was introduced in an ‘upgrade’ in 2013. The Backstage looks like this:

Most of the time one clicks on ‘This PC’. To avoid going to the Backstage ever again click File>Options>Save then check the ‘Don’t show Backstage’ box:

Then put a button on the Quick Access Toolbar as detailed here:

When opening a Word document one clicks on the above button (always visible) and is taken straight away to the action area, instead of clicking three times to navigate there.

If one closes a Word document using the cross at the top right of the screen, Word closes down altogether if the document is the last Word document open. This means that next time one opens a Word document there is a lot of whirring as Word creaks and groans into action again. To avoid this, close the document using Ctrl>W – this closes the document but not Word. The next time one opens a Word document, Word is already in action and the document pings open instantly.

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