open and close documents in Word more efficiently

If one opens a Word document using File>Open one is taken to the Backstage which was introduced in an ‘upgrade’ in 2013. The Backstage looks like this: Most of the time one clicks on ‘This PC’. To avoid going to the Backstage ever again click File>Options>Save then check the ‘Don’t show Backstage’ box: Then putContinue reading “open and close documents in Word more efficiently”

copy text from a diagram or picture

The method here can be used to convert a pdf to Word. What if you have a diagram or picture or screen dump or paste from the snipping tool which you want to copy the text from and use in Word? This can be done in OneNote. Copy the picture to a page in OneNoteContinue reading “copy text from a diagram or picture”

copy 24 items to the clipboard

If I’m writing a resource about magnesium sulfate I don’t want to have to type ‘magnesium sulfate’ every time I need it – I just type it once then thereafter when I need it I select it earlier in the document, Ctrl+C it then Ctrl+V where I need it. But I also want to doContinue reading “copy 24 items to the clipboard”

add a commonly-used table

I watched my colleague Alun Dear laboriously make a bond energy table from scratch, with column headings centralised in bold but the bonds justified left. I realised that every time he made a table for one of his wonderful resources he had to go through the same process every time. ‘Why don’t you just saveContinue reading “add a commonly-used table”