sort out your tables

My colleague Duane Arl was very frustrated that his tables kept appearing with the writing above the middle of the line, even though he set his table to be centre justified: ‘Why is everything floating up near the top?’ he would screech. ‘Well, Duane, it’s because in Paragraph your tables have a line spacing ofContinue reading “sort out your tables”

open and close documents in Word more efficiently

If one opens a Word document using File>Open one is taken to the Backstage which was introduced in an ‘upgrade’ in 2013. The Backstage looks like this: Most of the time one clicks on ‘This PC’. To avoid going to the Backstage ever again click File>Options>Save then check the ‘Don’t show Backstage’ box: Then putContinue reading “open and close documents in Word more efficiently”

make your equilibrium sign longer

If you type 21CC then Alt>x the Unicode changes to the equilibrium arrow. This arrow is fine in lots of situations: But sometimes you need a longer equilibrium arrow: To get the longer equilibrium arrow, select a normal one then Home>Font>Advanced>Scale and change 100% to 300%: You can make it longer than 300% but itContinue reading “make your equilibrium sign longer”

copy text from a diagram or picture

The method here can be used to convert a pdf to Word. What if you have a diagram or picture or screen dump or paste from the snipping tool which you want to copy the text from and use in Word? This can be done in OneNote. Copy the picture to a page in OneNoteContinue reading “copy text from a diagram or picture”

copy 24 items to the clipboard

If I’m writing a resource about magnesium sulfate I don’t want to have to type ‘magnesium sulfate’ every time I need it – I just type it once then thereafter when I need it I select it earlier in the document, Ctrl+C it then Ctrl+V where I need it. But I also want to doContinue reading “copy 24 items to the clipboard”

select a random name from a class list

This is not a Word top tip but an Excel top tip. If you want to select a name at random from a class list in Excel, for example to ensure that you are randomising questions or asking students to read out loud, type this formula into a cell near the list: =INDEX($A$2:$A$25,RANDBETWEEN(1,ROWS($A$2:$A$25)),1) Every timeContinue reading “select a random name from a class list”

run a macro using a keyboard shortcut

My most-used macros are on the Quick Access Toolbar so they can be run with one click. But the Quick Access Toolbar can only accommodate a certain number of macros and after that you have to scroll to find the one you want. Another way of running macro is to assign a keyboard shortcut: inContinue reading “run a macro using a keyboard shortcut”

list all the keyboard shortcuts

Using keyboard shortcuts saves a lot of time when making Word resources – it’s a lot quicker to subscript a number by pressing Ctrl and = than it is to go to the Home page then click on the subscript button. To get a list of all the keyboard shortcuts on your computer do theContinue reading “list all the keyboard shortcuts”