copy 24 items to the clipboard

If I’m writing a resource about magnesium sulfate I don’t want to have to type ‘magnesium sulfate’ every time I need it – I just type it once then thereafter when I need it I select it earlier in the document, Ctrl+C it then Ctrl+V where I need it. But I also want to do that for sodium carbonate. I used to keep moving around in the document doing Ctrl+C it then Ctrl+V to different phrases. Then I realised that the clipboard can hold 24 items at the same time. If I click on the clipboard icon in word I get this display:

Everything I select and Ctrl+C goes to the clipboard until it is full (24 items). The clipboard window on the left lists all the words or phrases I have copied. All I have to do is click on one and it appears at the cursor in the document.

If you go to Options at the bottom of the window you can tick the ‘Show Office Clipboard When Ctrl+C pressed Twice’ option:

This means that when you are writing a Word document and select a word or phrase then Ctrl+CC you will have the Clipboard window immediately open on the left.

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