open another document from the Quick Access Toolbar

I have one particular document which I use very often when I am writing resources. Because I frequently need to open it from the document I am currently working on I have an icon for it on the Quick Access toolbar:

The document has all my organic displayed formulas on it. When I need a displayed formula, I could get it from the internet but I like to have all my displayed formulae in House style and be able to manipulate them easily. When I open the document I have my hyperlinked menu:

Clicking on any title takes me to that page and I have an assortment of part-molecules:

I copy the pieces I need then assemble them to make the molecule I want, then save it for when I next need it.

So with two clicks in whatever document I am working in I can get to the amines page of my drawing document. The code to open a particular document from a different one is:

Sub OpenDocument()

Documents.Open FileName:="N:\my doc. chemistry\drawing.docx", ReadOnly:=False
End Sub

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