impressive resources using bookmarks and hyperlinks

I use bookmarks and hyperlinks a lot when making resources. I have therefore added them to my Quick Access Toolbar so that they are available with one click:

Bookmarks and hyperlinks in a Word document are still active when the document is saved as a pdf. A Word document hundreds of pages long takes up little memory space when saved as a pdf, can run on any device and the students can’t mess it up. An index at the start of the document enables the user to jump straight to the part of the pdf that they need. They can return to where they were using Alt <arrow left> or using a hyperlink on the page they have jumped to.

This is part of the whole A level syllabus on one landscape page:

Clicking on 5.2.2 Enthalpy and entropy takes the user to here:

Clicking on 5.2.2 (e) explanation, and related calculations, takes the user to:

At the bottom of that page is a back button to go back to the syllabus. The whole document, with notes on every area of the syllabus, is 360 pages but is easily navigated by a student with an ipad on their lap on the plane to Mauritius for Christmas.

If you want to buy this resource it is here for £4.

The document below is part of digital flashcards for a Year 7 student revising for the summer exams:

Each word is hyperlinked to a different sheet with the answer on. So clicking on atom takes the user to a different page with this extra information in:

so the answer magically appears. Again the document is hundreds of pages long but the Year 7 student in the back of the car on the way to Cornwall can test themselves on their Chemistry by clicking on a document which needs no internet connection and can’t be messed up by the student.

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