write the mass number above the atomic number

I used to write the mass number as a superscript then add a text box to get the atomic number. But the text box goes walkies and isn’t very pretty. Then my colleague in the Physics Department at Southampton Exam Factory, Mrs Eda Lunar, showed me how to write a perfect symbol.

  1. Go to the Equation box above Symbol at the top right:

2. Go to ex and select the top right box:

3. Then put in your 24, 12 and Mg into the boxes. They are in italics and Cambria Math (sic) font – the italics can be changed but the only way to change the font to a sensible Arial 11 is by running a macro over it. The macro here will change it to Arial font 11.

4. Use the macro here to generate an Mg symbol with the 24 and 12 in place, all in Arial 11. It is easier to use the macro then change the symbol and the numbers to the element you want than to produce it from scratch in Equations.

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