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Over the years my colleague Aula Nerd used to come across useful Word symbols in other people’s documents and copy them to one central very useful document. Every time she needed an equilibrium sign or a triple bond or a radical dot or a longer minus sign she would open the afore-mentioned document, copy the symbol and use it in her new document. One day she sighed and said, ‘Where do these symbols live? How do other people find them?’

The answer is that each character has a Unicode value. If you type the Unicode (hex) value then next to it type Alt and X at the same time, the Unicode (hex) value will convert to the character.

Conversely, if you have the character in Word and next to it type Alt and X at the same time, the character will convert to the Unicode (hex) value.

I also have a macro here which will find the Unicode (decimal) value of a symbol and display it like this:

My most useful characters are:

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